Life Learning Session by Maheshwari Vidya Pracharak Mandal

The first phase of “Life Learning Session” by Maheshwari Vidya Pracharak Mandal, Pune began with the interview of the Founder & Chairman of Buldana Urban Co-op. Sc. Hon’ble Shri. Radheshyam Chandak alias Bhaiji.
Anand and Anagha Karwa conducted an extensive interview to understand Bhaiji’s life journey so far. Bhaiji, on the other hand, answered each question in his famous style, light and humorous. Apart from a large number of students, the program was attended by many a famous personalities working in various fields.
Shirish Deshpande shared memorable incidences from Bhaiji’s life. Shri. Manish Kasat, Bhaiji’s son-in-law talked about the various aspects of Bhaiji’s life. Formal education is not the only way to success. Strong willpower makes a person successful. Bhaiji shared his secret to success. Time management, self discipline, an attitude to let go criticism, etc. were the foundation of his relentless work. He specifically mentioned that co-operation is not just a law, rather it is a concept which allows us to move together on the path of progress.
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