Initiatives for farmers

Gramin Godam Yojana

Buldana Urban has constructed 421 Godams across Maharashtra. The huge storage capacity of these godams enables the farmer sell his products at a profitable rate. It also speeds up producer-to-consumer process without the interference of the middle man. The scheme ‘Godam at every gram’ was appreciated by the Co-operative Department of Maharashtra.


Cow is worshipped in our Indian culture. It is also an inseparable part of a farm. Buldana Urban has established a ‘Goraksha Dham’ for protection and betterment of the cattle wealth. It also treats disabled, old cows. Veterinary camps are conducted in rural areas and diagnosis is followed by proper treatment and surgery.


As the area under forest becomes lesser, the danger of environmental hazards and natural calamities increases. Buldana Urban has a deep sense of environmental responsibility. Since 1990, large number of trees are planted. Tree guards have been provided. The Society has allocated a specific budget per tree.
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