Industrial Initiatives

Road Development Project

Buldana Urban has completed the construction of the 72 km. Malakapur-Chikhali state highway in Buldana on B-O-T basis. The Society has utilized the reserves for this project.

Manufacturer to Consumer Project

This innovative project was initiated in order to give the farmers, profitable rates for their goods and to sell their goods directly to the consumer without any mediator. Based on the idea ‘profit to the manufactures and loss to the director’, this is first of its type. Processed and attractively packed farm products are sold in metropolitan cities and the profit is distributed among the farmers. Sales outlet for this project is at Vashi. These genuine efforts have been awarded with Padmashree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil Agro Co-operative Innovation Award 2002, by Padmashree Dr. Vikhe Patil Trust.
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