Buldana Urban Satara Br. Inaugurate Center for Free Guidance to Students OF Competitive Exams

For elegant and by all means elaveted community development there is one and only way is Spread of Knowledge and Wisdom. To foregoing on the same way Buldana Urban execute so many projects from last long years. A new feathaer in our crown is the Free Guidacce Center for Competative Exams . Such center just now get inaugaurated by hands of Hon. Rucheshji Jaywanti Collector of Satara dist, at Satara.
On this ospicious occasion so many dignitaries were present there. Satara deputy RTO. Vindji Chavhan, welknown mentor from Pune Ashokji Deshmukh Mr. Abhijit Yadav ( ACP Satara dist. ) and CEO. Of Buldana Urban Mr. Shirish Deshpande. Pune Commercial Bank’s President Smt. Swati Laddha, Vice Pres. Vijaykaka Chavhan and CEO. Mr. Mukund Kulkarni.Mr. Tanaji Shinde , President of Ajinkya Sah. Mudranalay Satara, CEO of Malojiraje Sah. Bank Rajeshji Laddha.
Along with all these dignitaries so many officers of Buldana Urban were also mark their presence at this memorable program held At Satara on Monday, 13/3/2023 There were Pune Regional manager Yogini Pokale, Satara RM. Manohar Deshmukh, Kolhapur RM. Gurunath Lokhande, Sangli RM. Shilpa Kulkarni. BM. Of Satara Br. Vijay Nalawade and BM. Satara Mahila Br. Vidya Kulkarni , last but not least Mrs. Sarika M. Deshmukh who will be working as Manager for this Study and Guidance Center.
On all this impoetant function Ashok Deshmukh inspire to all audience by his talk on The Key of Happiness in Life, and also CEO. Mr. Shirish Deshpande promote all students and all present staff members of Buldana Urban at this function.


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