A couple of years ago, Buldana Urban Co-op. Credit Society Ltd, in collaboration with YES Bank, initiated a project for disbursement of loan for the Self Help Groups (SHGs) in three districts of Western Maharashtra.
What started as an experimental, small-scale project, has now turned into an enterprise with more than 48458 participants spread across 4060 SHGs.
All those women with the magical power of creating something special, earning for their families, striving to bring the best out of the meagre availabilities have enough capabilities to take their small business to extreme heights. These young entrepreneurs have mastered many arts which include making artefacts, clay toys, apparels, accessories and various eatables.
We are well aware that financial aid, though a solution, is not the end. Rather, it is a new beginning leading to manifold openings, availability of market being one of the prime aspects.
BACHATGET.COM has been initiated to sell and promote the works of these women. Because creating a market is a bigger challenge than funding these entrepreneurs.
When you buy from, you may find that the products have a rather rugged and earthy appearance. But that is only because almost all the products you find here are hand-made, produced at home by entrepreneurs who are trying to break the stereotypes. They are self-taught artisans with a drive to grow further.
Your encouragement is their fuel!
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