About Us

Passion for people and their lives, compassion for their adversities and needs, respect for values and discipline, focus on humanity, concern for society, an unwavering faith in the principle of co-operation. All this and much more is at the root of India’s largest co-operative credit society, Buldana Urban Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.
Co-operation leads to prosperity and prosperity is committed to the welfare of the society. With this belief, Buldana Urban was established way back in 1986, by Mr. Radheshyamji Devkisanji Chandak. It was a time when people viewed co-operation with distrust. Buldana Urban was a pioneering credit society that reinstated the trust by connecting itself to people in more ways than one. Being run and regularized by people, it worked flawlessly and relentlessly for the benefit of the people and their day-to-day problems.
Buldana Urban initiated ‘micro finance’, a facility that supported and transformed countless common lives. It went beyond finance to enrich and empower the common man, with an array of socio-economic activities. It took co-operative movement to the grass root level and utilized it to uproot problems. By procuring secured finance to the farmers and offering solutions to their problems such as storage and distribution of their products, Buldana Urban gave them economic stability and confidence.
It has been a trailblazing journey since its inception. Today,Buldana Urban stands tall with a well-connected network of 470 Branches and a number of firsts to its credit. Buldana Urban is the first credit society to introduce core banking. Its deposits have exceeded 10223 crores and loan recovery is at 97% to 98%.
Buldana Urban has proudly extended its activities in Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Simandhra, Telangana, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar.The Society is an epitome of reliability and a fine blend of traditional values and professionalism. This miraculous progress is a result of visionary leadership, seamless processes, proper co-ordination, excellent teamwork, customer-oriented approach and total trust of its account holders.
Future holds bright promises for Buldana Urban. While aiming at world class technology driven performance, the Society nurtures a deep sense of accountability and social responsibility. For above all, it is a bank with a human touch!
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