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Educational Initiatives

Sahakar Vidya Mandir

The play-way education system that focuses on overall development of children is at the core of this school. Founded to impart English Medium Education to the gross root level, Sahakar Vidya Mandir fosters a new concept of no school bag, no tiffin, no homework, no tuition classes and no punishment. It is the first boarding school in Vidarbha region at district level. Sahakar Vidya Mandir has been founded with a fund of 4 crores and 16 branches have been started. Junior College at Buldana will be started from this educational year.

Hostel at Pune

The Society is concerned about the entire process of education and is determined to make it easier for the students. With this objective, it has purchased land and constructed a hostel at Baner (Pune District) for farmers’ children.

Social Initiatives

Social elevation is one of the core functions of Buldana Urban. It has undertaken a number of endeavours that empower, enrich and upgrade the common man and the farmer. We are aware that a farmer is the son of the soil and fulfilling his needs is a necessary for a healthy and wholesome tomorrow. In all the branches of Buldana Urban, farmer gets quick finance and fixed amount of loan for a long term with much less interest rate.

Railway Reservations

To avoid the inconvenience of traveling just for getting reservations, the Society has started railway reservation facility and tourist counter. Buldana Urban is India’s first credit society to start this facility.

Ambulance and Mortuary Van

This is a unique human initiative that facilitates reading immediately to the hospital timely and get medical aid for a fast recovery. This facility is provided at 9 places covering entire Buldana district and also Akola, Aurangabad and Jalna districts. Since 1989, this Mortuary Van have carried 9000 dead bodies.

Funeral Service

A service is provided for funeral of unclaimed dead bodies and the last rites of these dead bodies are performed as per their castes. Until funeral of 175 dead bodies has been performed.

Jaipur Foot for handicaps

Buldana Urban has played a crucial role in providing Jaipur Foot, Polio Calipers and Chandigarh Artificial Hand to the disabled, without any cost. 400 Jaipur foot have been provided up till date.

Universal Health Programme

More than 10,000 families have been benefited under Rural Health Insurance Scheme at a very less premium. A helping hand was extended to every family and for every member of the family. Also, the members of Buldana Urban get a lump sum discount up to 20 % in the treatment charges at Dhoot Cancer Hospital and Kamal Nayan Bajaj Hospital.

Eradication of private money lending

Private money lending breeds a lot of malpractices due to which the entire family of the borrower suffers. The Society has introduced a very effective system to fulfill the immediate financial requirements of businessmen, labours, small traders and salary earners. The system has been a great success.

Initiatives for farmers

Gramin Godam Yojana

Buldana Urban has constructed 280 Godams at 22 places across Maharashtra. The huge storage capacity of these godams enables the farmer sell his products at a profitable rate. It also speeds up producer-to-consumer process without the interference of the middle man.

The scheme ‘Godam at every gram’ was appreciated by the Co-operative Department of Maharashtra.


Cow is worshipped in our Indian culture. It is also an inseparable part of a farm. Buldana Urban has established a ‘Goraksha Dham’ for protection and betterment of the cattle wealth. It also treats disabled, old cows. Veterinary camps are conducted in rural areas and diagnosis is followed by proper treatment and surgery.


As the area under forest becomes lesser, the danger of environmental hazards and natural calamities increases. Buldana Urban has a deep sense of environmental responsibility. Since 1990, large number of trees are planted. Tree guards have been provided. The Society has allocated a specific budget per tree.

Industrial Initiatives

Road Development Project

Buldana Urban has completed the construction of the 72 km. Malakapur-Chikhali state highway in Buldana on B-O-T basis. The Society has utilized the reserves for this project.

Manufacturer to Consumer Project

This innovative project was initiated in order to give the farmers, profitable rates for their goods and to sell their goods directly to the consumer without any mediator. Based on the idea ‘profit to the manufactures and loss to the director’, this is first of its type. Processed and attractively packed farm products are sold in metropolitan cities and the profit is distributed among the farmers. Sales outlet for this project is at Vashi. These genuine efforts have been awarded with Padmashree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil Agro Co-operative Innovation Award 2002, by Padmashree Dr. Vikhe Patil Trust.

Buldana Urban Microfinance

Buldana Urban Finserve Private Limited (BUFPL) is next generation business correspondent company which is incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956. BUFPL is an intermediary for promoting financial inclusion in the country. The aim is to facilitate access to finance by providing credit, micro- insurance and saving facilities to the unbanked clients intargeted geography.

"Buldana Urban Finserve Pvt. Ltd.," a subsidiary company of Buldana Urban Co-operative Credit Society. We have started our microfinance journey in December 2014 and have rapidly emerged as one of the trusted partners and one of the largest home-grown microfinance company of Maharashtra. BUFPL is currently operating in five districts of Maharashtra.

BUFPL follows a customer-centric approach and is a firm believer of enrichment of human capital through continued training. We strongly believe in promoting financial services with strong array and foundation of socio-economic activities. Technology is the key enabler in BUFPL’s business model and innovation is a habit.